There's an easier way to manage your food waste.

Using an InSinkErator garbage disposal to keep food scraps out of your trash reduces bacteria, leaving your kitchen cleaner, fresher and more hygienic. Garbage disposal use also reduces the amount of food waste taken to landfills and the resulting methane emissions.

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Cleaner, fresher kitchens begin with InSinkErator.

Keep odors, pests and bacteria out of your kitchen.

No matter how clean your kitchen is, food waste discarded in the trash creates foul odors and attracts ants, flies and cockroaches. Your trashcan is also a major magnet for salmonella and E. coli – household germs that feed on the food waste in your trash. Using a garbage disposal reduces food waste in your trash, annoying kitchen odors, and harmful household bacteria.

Clean Kitchen

Kitchen hygiene meets advanced performance.

Keep food waste out of the trash and odors and bacteria out of your kitchen with the Evolution® Compact® garbage disposal. You get powerful performance, superior noise reduction, and all the benefits of a space-saving design.

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InSinkErator Evolution® Compact

Debug your baffle.

Kitchen sinks are known to harbor their share of household bacteria. InSinkErator Quiet Collar Baffles are anti-microbial, inhibiting the growth of 99.9% of common bacteria.

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Using a garbage disposal benefits the environment.

There’s a looming landfill crisis in this country.

The U.S. is on pace to run out of landfill space in 18 years, potentially creating an environmental disaster.1 When you throw food waste into your garbage, it ends up in a landfill. Each year, food waste is responsible for 18% of landfill methane emissions, or about 21 million tons of methane gas.2 Using a garbage disposal reduces the amount of food waste taken to landfills and the resulting methane emissions.

Landfill Crisis

Global warming is accelerated by food waste rotting in landfills.

200lbs of Food Waste Annually

Every person in the U.S. creates about 200 pounds of food waste each year3

Food waste equates to an area the size of a country

If food waste was a country, it would be the world’s third-largest contributor to greenhouse gasses4

Designed to grind more.

The Badger® 1HP garbage disposal helps keep more types of food waste out of the landfill because it’s designed to grind more. Bones, fruit pits, fibrous fruit and vegetable skins are all safe to grind with proper usage.

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Badger 1HP

Sources: 1. Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Protocol Report, 2020 2. Environmental Protection Agency Study, 2016 3. USDA, 2018 4. FAO, Summary Report, 2013

InSinkErator Evolution Disposals

The perfect complement to every kitchen.

Engineered to handle even the toughest food scraps, InSinkErator garbage disposals set the standard for dependability, performance and innovation. Use our Product Selector to help you find the perfect garbage disposal for your kitchen.

Find the right disposal for your kitchen

Using a garbage disposal is easy!

Using a garbage disposal is easy!

Never put fats, oils, or grease into a garbage disposal.

  • Run a steady stream of cold water into the sink before turning on the garbage disposal.

  • Turn on the disposal before placing any food waste into it.

  • Gradually feed food waste into the disposal.

  • Avoid putting in large amounts of food waste all at once as this may slow the grinding process.

  • Once the food waste has been broken down, turn the disposal off and let water run for a few seconds to flush the drain pipe.

There’s an easier way to manage your food waste.

If you’re like most families these days, you’re cooking more at home and creating extra food waste. Using an InSinkErator garbage disposal effectively manages household food waste so that you don’t have to take the Extreme Measures this family does.

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