Grind Fearless

The Next Generation Consumer marketing campaign encourages homeowners to keep food waste out of the trash and out of the landfill by using their garbage disposals more frequently. A video series – featuring the voice of Wanda Sykes – informs consumers that the new disposals have the power to grind more types of food waste than previously imagined.

Pro Campaign

Created for professional plumbers, the Next Generation Pro campaign communicates how the enhanced features of next generation garbage disposals are designed to help prevent clogs in household plumbing. The campaign features video content from influential plumbing professionals, as well as tools to help Pros select the right disposal for their customers’ needs.

Down With Food Waste!

The Down with Food Waste! campaign explains how using a garbage disposal to keep food waste out of the landfill helps reduce methane emissions and the acceleration of climate change. Educational videos show how disposal use in conjunction with wastewater treatment plants will always reduce global warming potential.

Septic Safe

This campaign was designed to drive adoption of garbage disposals in homes on septic. Content includes an educational video explaining how septic systems work. Extra assurance is provided to homeowners by communicating that all InSinkErator® garbage disposals are safe for use with properly maintained septic systems.

Kitchen Remodel

The Kitchen Remodel campaign informs homeowners that a remodel is the perfect time to add the style and functionality of InSinkErator® instant hot water to their sink. The campaign is supported by video and influencer content that promotes the convenience and time-saving benefits of instant hot water.

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