PRO Series Over the Counter Warranty Exchange Program

PRO Series Over the Counter Warranty Exchange Program

Our exclusive Pro Series Over The Counter Warranty Exchange Program only includes disposers sold by the Plumber/Installer. Eligible models are PRO 750, PRO 880, PRO 1000LP, PRO 1100XL and PRO Cover Control Plus. Other InSinkErator models do not qualify under this program.

If one of the eligible models meets the original limited warranty terms and is within the unexpired term of the original model warranty, the plumber/installer may exchange the applicable unit for a new replacement unit free of charge. Call InSinkErator AnswerLine at 1-800-558-5700 to determine original model warranty eligibility prior to replacement.

Simple exchange process:

  1. Plumber/Installer removes applicable unit and takes to the wholesale counter
  2. Plumber/Installer provides wholesaler with consumer’s name and address
  3. Wholesaler exchanges applicable unit for new unit
  4. Wholesaler completes PRO SERIES OVER THE COUNTER WARRANTY EXCHANGE CREDIT FORM and remits to InSinkErator for review of applicable paperwork and applicable unit
  5. Plumber/Installer installs new unit
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Complete original model limited warranty terms:

Evolution PRO 750 Limited Warranty


Evolution PRO 880LT Limited Warranty


Evolution PRO 1000LP Limited Warranty


Evolution PRO 1100XL Limited Warranty


Evolution PRO Cover Control Plus Limited Warranty